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Your Challenges

? Are you involved in complex, challenging or stressful negotiations?
? Is a potentially destructive and costly dispute or lawsuit consuming your time, energy and resources?
? Are strained and corrosive relationships impacting your business?
? Should your company strengthen and improve its negotiation capability and culture?

Our Solutions

! The Lapin Negotiation Services highly-trained and experienced Negotiation and Dispute Resolution specialists will provide you with the expertise you need.
! We will help you to establish or restore productive relationships and good reputations, create valuable agreements, and achieve the best outcomes and resolutions possible.
! Our approach to negotiation and dispute resolution is authentic, supported by dialogue, understanding, collaboration, and trust.
! By engaging us, you will increase your revenues, save costs, and mitigate risks.


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We invite you to explore the dynamic world of Lapin Negotiation Services, where we help you to resolve differences and to build strong bridges.

Our specialists provide negotiation consulting, representation, strategy advice, coaching, training, dispute resolution, and mediation services for governments, corporations, organizations, and individuals worldwide.

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